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Service Plan

Pay one price, get service for a year! Also included with our most popular computers.

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Bringing a Computer In?

Most of our in-shop work orders are finished within 48 hours of the drop-off time. To ensure the fastest service possible, remember to bring everything we'll need. Desktops: bring only the tower and any original disks or CD's that came with it unless another peripheral is related to the problem. Laptops: Bring the laptop, power cord, and any original disks or CD's.

On-Site and In-Home Service

When you make an on-site service appointment, you know that your problem will be seen in its natural environment. If it relates to your home network, cables between components and printers, or your home environment, know that an on-site technician is much more capable of solving these problems. Of course, it is simply convenient to leave your computer where it is, and we'll let you.

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Remote Assistance

If you have a connection to the Internet, you can have many your computer's problems1 taken care of without leaving home. Simply connect to us through our live support system.

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Flat-Rate Services

Many of our common services have moved to a flat rate. No matter how long it takes, our flat rate service fees will cover the job until it is finished.

Format & Reinstall – $80
We will restore your computer back to factory settings, clearing away any software, virus, or spyware problems in one sweep.

Format & Reinstall With Data backup – $120
Includes everything in the Format & Reinstall, except that requested files, multimedia, and pictures are backed up before the cleaning, and restored to your computer at the end of the process.

CME Service Plan
With our service plan, you pay one price to cover your computer for a full year! Keep your computer virus-free and clean with routine maintenance included.

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